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About Us

Finance & Accounting Team

Our team have gained experience both in preparing management and financial accounts as well as finance leads / managers  for a wide range of businesses,  both in terms of size and market sector.

We have experience in the beauty, marketing (both research and advertising), retail products, IT services, manufacturing and mining / conglomerate sectors. We have also worked with a number of public sector clients.

Our team are highly approachable and can be more informal, although always professional, with smaller business owners. 

Business Analysis Team

Our team have experience in delivering key operational performance, business process and IT infrastructure analysis. In addition to undertaking all the data gathering and analysis, they are able to advise clients on business areas that need addressing.

We can also provide clients with sector benchmarking analysis and recommendations to help small businesses understand how their business model is structured and performing against their competitors, or to use in their decision making  if business owners are thinking of expanding into additional areas, whether geographically or sector wise.

Business Change Project Team

Our team specialises in helping small or new start up businesses with either their project management or other steps of their business change journey. Our team has harnessed many methodologies, including agile, and can implement manageable agile project management and delivery within small businesses.

For those businesses that acknowledge there are problems in current business models but are unsure what the drivers / levers are and the impact on these on their business continuity or financial performance, our team can assist and partner with business stakeholders to further understand current performance as well as helping businesses identify the key problem areas and provide recommendations to eliminate or mitigate risks and negative drivers, whilst further exploiting opportunities and strengths that are open to them. 

To help small businesses with helping them and their staff to adopt and implement change, we can deliver on behalf of clients key idea generation or business service change or development workshops, which are done in a fun and informative way to get the most out of the sessions, whilst ensuring all business teams own and buy into the change business leaders want them to develop and successfully implement.
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